About me

Hi, I am Marzeyeh. Are you spent spiritually, emotionally and financially? Trying to hold steady in a world of stress and production. I know. That was me too. Trying to reach accomplishments to only find myself exhausted as I reached them. 

I want to teach you how to live your life between success and happiness. When we are faced with anxiety or feeling like we are failing. I want to remind you to not exhaust yourself and find ways to keep yourself grounded and in a good place. I am learning how to do it and invite you along the journey! 

 In the last few years I was able to build a successful business from the ground up but still found myself whirling. Why wasn't I feeling true happiness?  Why was I struggling to find gratitude and mindfulness?  How could I balance my business, my family and my inner self? I want answers.

To help us get these answers, I will be bring you real life stories of women finding success, gratitude and mindfulness while growing a business, managing a family, battling stress, anxiety and depression. 

"I invite you to live in abundance with every part of your life. Appreciate yourself for how far you have come." 

~Owner, Marzeyeh