About me

"Be unique " a motto I always try to remind myself to live by.  "Be extraordinary" a vision I want to constantly remind myself to see. " Be humble" to remind myself that my clients, relationships and friends are the reason I get to do this wonderful thing in life! I am a rule breaker, driven by passion and creativity.  My kind of people are the ones who want to go for the bold. The ones who are un apologetic for their spirit and kindness. . 

I am a true born entrepreneur, I started my first "company" in second grade. I am a small business owner and also a small business coach and life coach. I am also obsessed with marketing and am on a power team with my twin in Real Estate and I try to get it all done in the 6 hours my daughters at school haha.

If you are looking to me for business coaching I would say "Welcome! I am excited to tell you all about where I failed and where I succeeded!  I have tons of tips and advice you can use to help you in your business! 

When I'm not designing, marketing, coaching or blogging, you will either find me shopping at HomeGoods (addicted)  and trying to be super mom for my daughter! However, I am usually designing,marketing, coaching, shopping and being Mom all at the same time! My brain has a tendency to not like to do only one thing at one time.