About me

Hi, I am Marzeyeh. Are you spent spiritually, emotionally and financially? Me too. I am a true born entrepreneur, I started my first "company" in second grade and haven't stopped pursuing my dreams since then. I grew up in poverty and disadvantaged circumstances but never once let me stop me from pursing my life.  In the last few years I was able to build a successful business from the ground up but still found myself whirling. Why wasn't I feeling true happiness?  Why was I struggling to find gratitude and mindfulness.  How could I balance my business, my family and my inner self? I want answers.

To help us get these answers, I will be bring you real life stories of women finding success, gratitude and mindfulness while growing a business, managing a family, battling stress, anxiety and depression.  Let's learn from women who are working hard, working small or simply working it, while trying to keep positive and moving forward. 

 You can follow my podcast to hear from my quests at " I cant find a pen" podcast. 

"I invite you to live in abundance with every part of your life. Appreciate yourself for how far you have come and don't stop now. "

~Owner, Marzeyeh